What does it take for your business to create truly remarkable experiences for your customers? It’s all about investing in the right areas guided by three words beginning with M. Your planning and evaluation of customer experience efforts becomes very easy.

1. Meaningful:

Does it impact the customer in a direct impersonal way that is meaningful to them? Specifically, meaningful experiences go beyond the transaction and touch your customers on an emotional level they make your customers feel good about doing business with your company.

2. Memorable:

Just because an experience is meaningful doesn’t mean that it will stand out in your customers mind you need to determine if the customer will remember the experience an hour, a day, a week, or a month later because only memorable experiences have the potential to impact loyalty and retention. Think about it if they don’t even remember the experience there is no way it can impact how they feel about your company

3. Measurable:

Can you gauge the effectiveness in a way that measures the impact whether you use quantitative data like retention rates, revenue increases in customer satisfaction, or qualitative data like voice of the customer and open-ended comments. It must be insightful, shareable, and actionable, since our customer experience budgets are limited we must be able to prove the value of our investments.

what happens after you create meaningful memorable and measurable experiences again and again? Customers return for your top-notch care and become advocates who not only believe in your products services and brand but will share their positive feelings with others, friends, family, acquaintances, social media networks, and more.

Today’s most successful companies have learned it’s not enough to just reach customers with relevant content. Creating meaningful and memorable experiences and being able to tie them to business measures is the key to creating passionate advocates and achieving long-term business success.