How it works?

The data captured from the customer feedback device is submitted real-time to the server, through embedded SIM card. The data can be accessed by the client from our dashboard online. The dashboard is hosted on secure Cloud platform and can be accessed anywhere anytime. The dashboard can be accessed conveniently on a website, with secure login credentials for each client. A mobile app is also available for the users to access data on their Android and iPhone Devices.

The dashboard shows actual data of each entry, along with device ID and date and time of the entry.  The summary provides a date-wise location wise feedback data. Rich presentation of charts and graphs helps the user in quickly deciphering the data. Screenshots of web and mobile attached. 

The snapshot view is a pictorial representation of the smiley feedback legends, dates and store locations. It gives you an eyeball view of how your customers are rating you using the customer feedback device. 

The device level view provides  you with device and location wise customer feedback.  This can be a useful view  for  customer feedback from multi-location  business users. 

The summary view provides date wise location wise customer feedback dispositions.  You can select multiple locations to get an understanding of the distribution across select locations. 

This view depicts feedback data at granular dashboard shows actual data of each entry along with date and time stamp. This will help you find the time when the feedback  from customers turns negative and can be handy for root cause analysis.