How Mpulse Helped Businesses To Enhance Customer Satisfaction


Need: Bluestar one of the largest Air conditioning brands in India, wanted to capture feedback at their cafeteria to measure employee satisfaction.

Solution: Mpulse Basic was deployed across its offices in India to capture employee feedback at their cafeteria. The device was customized to have a LED Display that prominently showcases the feedback chosen by the user. 

Outcome: They were able to capture a large amount of location wise data which improved the cafeteria quality and employee satisfaction.


Need: Flipkart wanted to ensure that their logistics partners are providing proper facilities to the last mile delivery team. 

Solution: Mpulse Basic was installed at the food courts of their logistic partners to receive feedback from the delivery team. The feedback was compiled by Flipkart management.

Outcome: The management was able to analyze the feedback data and make sure the quality of the facilities provided are good.

Aditya Birla Retail

Need: Aditya Birla retail wanted to know the mood of employees while they’re entering factory premises.

Solution: The deployed Mpulse Pro was customized to carry only 2 buttons, Happy and Not Happy. The employees coming inside their factory premises have to enter their employee number followed by smiley to indicate what is their mood while entering the office. 

Outcome: This initiative helped them understand their employee’s emotional state This new and needed understanding set the scene for better employee engagement activities.

University of Malta

Need: The University of Malta regularly modified the ambiance of their workplaces to know the impact of change on their employees.

Solution: The employee’s mood was captured using Mpulse Access. The device was connected to their internal WiFi network to submit data to our dashboard.

Outcome: The feedback data has helped the university to create the most suitable environment for all their employees based on the feedback they receive through our product. 

ITC Limited

Need: ITC limited wanted to get feedback from their vendors about the billing process.

Solution: Mpulse Pro was installed to capture Vendor’s mobile number along with feedback so that any corrective measure can be taken and communicated to that vendor. 

Outcome: The vendors were happy that the company is taking effort to keep them satisfied. Thanks to the Constant feedback, now communication is easily maintained both ways.

Swachh Bharat Mission

Need: To make the Swachh Bharat mission more effective, the authorities wanted to get feedback from its users about the cleanliness of the Toilet.

Solution: Mpulse Basic had been an integral part of Swachh Bharat Mission across many municipalities in India including Vijayawada, Kakinada, Bhopal, Chennai, Siddipet, and Gujarat.

Outcome: Mpulse has helped the authorities to obtain timely feedback on the regular maintenance of toilets. Now they can ensure that the responsibility is taken properly and the person in charge is up to the task always.

Retail chain in Mozambique 

Need: The Client is a chain of retail stores selling hardware supplies and they wanted to capture customer feedback during billing.

Solution: Mpulse POS was integrated with the Odoo CRM framework and installed across all their stores so that immediately after billing the customer can click one of the smileys and the feedback gets captured in the CRM. 

Outcome: This has enabled the management to understand the customer satisfaction levels at each retail outlet, in correlation with billing data.

Touchless Feedback device

Need: COVID-19 made it very difficult for businesses to capture feedback from their customers. Businesses needed a touchless solution for the problem.

Solution: We developed the World’s first contactless customer feedback device, Mpulse Contactless. As the name suggests the user can simply bring their finger near one of the smileys and the feedback will be captured in nano-seconds. This was an innovation during the Covid-19 period. We believe good changes can be brought by simple gestures.

Outcome: This will help businesses where customer feedback plays a huge role as touch-based feedback solutions can’t be implemented in this period.

Bluetooth based Feedback system

Need: For some businesses, feedback is so crucial that the poor feedback has to be instantly communicated to the higher-ups before the customer leaves the premises.

Solution: Our device is designed in such a way that whenever the feedback given by the user is bad, the device links to an alarm kept inside the manager’s cabin, using Bluetooth. 

Outcome: This enables the manager to meet the customer at the exit point and take the first step towards resolving the issues faced by the customer immediately.


Need: Swiggy wanted to ensure the quality of service to their end customers who are ordering from big corporate offices

Solution: Mpulse Basic was installed at the food pick-up point inside the corporate offices, where the swiggy team delivers the food. 

Outcome: This has helped them to measure their end customer’s satisfaction and analyze their delivery team’s compliance