1. Let them know your brand cares

Let people know that your company co-experiences post-pandemic challenges together with customers. Sharing unsalesy, cheerful, and useful content on social media and a corporate blog, your company can be helpful and build trust with customers. Empathize your messaging, remind customers to keep safe, update them about global news on how the world is adopting the post-COVID reality.

2. Make customer learning entertaining

You can increase custom loyalty and gain trust by offering helpful and entertaining video-content to your audience. Try to educate your customers on how to use your products and services in engaging explainer videos. Animated videos also work great for user onboarding on a website or mobile application. Instead of writing long and boring tutorials, you can convert them in a creative and easy-to-understand format that allows people to learn and have fun at the same time.

Just imagine that your product is introduced by an animated mascot in a funny and exciting video-story that features your brand values and mission. You can also discover how illustrations can add value to your website and make educational content on your blog more “entertaining.

3. Address local communities

By addressing online marketing to local communities and adjusting messaging to their cultures, your brand demonstrates that it appreciates the uniqueness of every target group. You can adjust your social media content and visuals to audiences of different demographics, religions, and nationalities.

4. Invest in customer support

It’s not surprising that brands can retain customers and grow their trust by providing outstanding customer support. Particularly now, when everything goes beyond its schedule, and there is a growing feeling of anxiety, customers need fast and round-the-clock customer care. Give them confidence that a support team is easily accessible by incorporating AI-powered chatbots on a website, creating a separate business page for customer support queries on social media, and timely answering tickets via email.