Did you know it is six to seven times more expensive to get a new customer than it is to keep your current ones and that’s why as a business owner is so important you learn how to retain a loyal customer base where they’re talking about your products or services for free.

How To Retain Customers And Keep them Coming Back

1. Treat them like family

  • The first step which is to treat your customers like family this has to be our value number one to achieve loyal customers
  • Instead of classifying as B2B or B2C, businesses should be more of H2H (Human to Human)
  • This isn’t some form of trickery. You’ve got to really feel it from the heart about every single customer.

2. Over-deliver

  • The second step is to over-deliver because remember people don’t remember so much what you say but they remember how you make them feel.
  • When they really feel like you’re over-delivering and you really care about their results, that’s when they stick around because they can tell that you’re different from all the other companies that are focused on the bottom line

3. Have a cause

  • The third step is to have a big why and a cause behind your business. If you look at the biggest brands out there you’ll notice how they’ve all got a big cause.
  • In fact, I remember when I was looking at some Tesla cars here on YouTube one person left a negative comment and I saw about 50 replies from Tesla owners protecting the brand and isn’t it incredible

4. Form a community

  • The fourth step is to create a sense of belonging you do this by having some form of community around your brand and this allows us to connect to so many like-minded people to make so many new friends.
  • Association with your brand immediately makes people stick with your brand longer and they get more results in the process.

5. Be transparent

  • The final step is the most important thing to be authentic and to be transparent. Stop hiding from your community, right now they don’t know who you are they just see a logo they can’t relate to, they can’t get fired up by just seeing a logo.
  • They want to know who is the person behind this brand just like how when you think of Apple you think of Steve Jobs and when you think of Microsoft you think of who yes Bill Gates.