We are normally tuned to quotes like ‘ Listen to your customers’ and ‘Customer is always right’.

That’s why most businesses try to implement methods to capture customer feedback at various touchpoints. The customer-facing staff is tasked with delighting the customers and in turn, collect as many good ratings as possible. However, negative feedback is being frowned upon. 

Most Customer Service Managers don’t understand why negative feedback is critical to the business. The first positive thing about negative feedback is that the customer didn’t choose to go to your competitor, but instead chose to reach out to you to give negative feedback. It means the customer still trusts the brand to take some corrective action.

However, enterprises must have a solid plan to handle negative feedback. It must be escalated and proper remedial action must be taken. It must also include a strategy to bring the customer back on board. Unless a proper strategy is adopted in this case, the negative feedback will work against the brand.