MPULSE is a Customer Feedback Device, to measure customer satisfaction in Real-time with an amazing blend of IoT hardware, backed by an insightful dashboard. 

Mpulse Basic

MPulse-Basic is a compact with smileys buttons to capture the customer feedback anonymously. The data captured on customer feedback device is submitted to the server instantly through an embedded SIM Card. You get to see the data in real-time on a web panel or through a mobile app. The data can be exported to excel for further analysis of trends of your feedback.


MPulse-Pro has smileys buttons to capture the feedback and also identify the customer through Mobile number or Bill number. Other features are similar to that of Mpulse Basic. It’s a cute little wall hanging that blends with the décor of your cafeteria, restroom, or reception. Ready to capture customer feedback where it matters.

Where can it be used? 

Retail Stores, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restrooms, Vehicle Service Centres, and Employee Cafeteria. 

Whatever be your industry, Mpulse can help to know your customers better. And convert unsatisfied customers into loyal promoters, resulting in increased revenues.

Why Mpulse:

1. Plug-and-Play model.

2. Robust and elegant design.

3. Real-time feedback capture with embedded SIM. 

4. Dashboard on Web and Mobile App