MPulse - Pro: Real-time feedback with Customer Identification

MPulse-Pro is a compact and elegant retailer feedback device with 3 or 5 smileys to capture the customer feedback and also identify the customer through Mobile number or Bill number. The data captured on retailer feedback device is submitted to the server instantly through an embedded SIM Card. You get to see the data in real-time on a web panel or through a mobile app. The data can be exported to excel for further analysis of trends of your feedback. It’s a cute little wall hanging that blends with the décor of your cafeteria, restroom or reception. Ready to capture customer feedback where it matters.

Salient Features

Elegant design

Robust Build

Simple capacitative touch buttons for smooth usage

Battery back-up in case of power failure

View data Real – Time on web as well as mobile app

Ready to install. Plug n Play


  • One time device cost – Rs.6000
  • SIM Recharge, Software License, Hosting and Support Cost – Rs.250 per month
  • GST Extra applicable on device and license cost
  • License cost payable every year in advance
  • Device cost includes shipping to any site within India.