Most brands have started adopting mechanisms to capture customer feedback, either in the form of customer feedback forms or smiley kiosks. Especially franchised brands have adopted it vigorously because their brand value depends on the quality of customer experience at the outlets owned and run by franchisees. 

It is not just enough to implement these mechanisms for the sake of audits. If you are really serious about the quality of service at the outlets, it is important to do ghost visits and surprise checks. 

I have personally have had multiple experiences of scenarios where the franchisee owners compel you to give good scores. I am sure you would have experienced such scenarios, when you get down from an Uber or Ola, that the driver insists that you give him 5 stars, even though the car was filthy and despite his rash driving. 

Two such incidents happened at franchise-owned service outlets of top brands, namely TVS Motors and Ford Motors. 

The first incident was when I gave my vehicle for service at Ford service centre and paid for the bill, the service staff promptly gave feedback form. They stood beside me and insist that I give a score of 10 out of 10. They mentioned that 9 had been classified as average score and 10 is classified as Good. When I handed over the form back to them, they unabashedly started filling up the blank scoring fields in the form, to their convenience, right in front of me.

In case of TVS Motors service centre, they did a followup call after I collected the vehicle from service. When I complained that service was not that great, I was flooded with calls from their seniors and supervisors asking me to bring the vehicle for service again. But insisted that I should give a good rating when TVS Motors will call me directly. 

I am sure such behavior must be very common in other franchise-owned brands/outlets as well. The brand manager should not just feel happy if the scores on customer feedback are great. Due diligence must be applied to check the veracity of the data received from franchised outlets as well.